A little mixed up in life

Date: 6/8/2017

By Cohbria

I was getting ready to mow the grass. My neighbor already started it because I wanted to put something in our yard during his pool party. I didnt start the grass. It switched to being in a truck. There was like three random people I didnt know and my friend Ryan was there. We drove passed another truck and wave pool friend thought it might be his crew. It wasnt, it was people I went to highschool with. The weather was getting bad. Super windy. And there was air vortexes. We thought a tornado would touch down in front of us. It wasnt a tornado. One of the air vortexes passed through our vehicle and us. It sent our truck off the road and to this abandoned house kind of place. I got out and went inside, it was dark. The place seemed haunted. There was a cat that looked like Luna running around. Ben came up from behind me out of nowhere. We went into a lit room. I was a room that had had been in when I was younger. The roof was a little leaky and some water had collected on a tarp on the floor. I was having sex with Ben but it didnt look like Ben. The guy looked like he was in his 30s, dark balding hair, and overweight. I didnt feel anything. When he was done he had watered down blood on the side of his head and some was running down his face. I thought to myself I must have been spotting and he must have fingered me. My clothes were back on and Ben, the real Ben was walking around the room Talking.