Date: 2/24/2019

By BeastFromTheEast

I've been playing too much skyrim and had a dream about it. It was skyrim but like real life. In it it was multiplayer and like a free for all battle royale. I think I was playing against 3 people. One guy and two girls. One of girls had a friend over playing local on the same console or something. Can't remember what the first girls name was but her friend was haley and her username was like imhaleeey or something. Anyway we spawn on other ends of the map but the mao is too small and I see if of the girls deploying from a helicopter. (Lol didn't know skyrim had choppers?) But she doesn't see me yet so I crouch down in some grass. When u play skyrim I'm always a silent assassin with bow. So I shoot the female player with my bow and hit her and do like barely any damage. She is looking around not knowing where I am. I keep shooting with the bow and she's moving and all my arrows end of missing and she spots me so wait until she gets close. Pulling on the damage with my arrows as she sprints toward me with her sword drawn I know she only had a sword and can only hit me if she gets close, so I sprint away. I decide to run in circles cause I'm smart and know her stamina will run out. It works. She slows right down and now she can't do as much damage with sword so I get some distance and then start shooting arrows and kill her. I think I won the battle royale because if that and felt proud lol.