Wheelchair and white rooms

Date: 9/21/2019

By Aler

Instead of going for a bike ride, I was in a wheelchair. I didn’t need it, I just wanted to exercise my arms. I biked past a roller derby and had plans to loop back west, then south across a long bridge, but my dream didn’t get that far. In the next dream, I was passing through a series of white cube rooms with a couple companions. Each room had an entry and exit door. Most were boring, some had dangers. A few I remember: A room with a snake or man laying against the wall. We fought it/him with foam sticks. The combat system wasn’t very good. A dress hanging from the ceiling. Instead of a hanger, it was hanging from a woman’s shoulders, but not in a macabre way. A very elaborate and easily avoided trap that produced a powerful acid the consistency of honey. A room that branched into two. One path had symbols on the floor and moving blocks at chest height. If we stepped on the symbols at the right times we could align the blocks and make a path. We decided it wasn’t worth the effort and just took the other door. A long downward staircase I jumped down in two steps. Monster animals we had to fight, but would transform you into monster animals too. Nothing scary, mostly fat spiders and beetles. One bat. The series of rooms had no end. Many were just empty. It was possibly a video game?