Ellen Degeneres

Date: 5/10/2017

By TwentieToo

Had a dream where five people liked my last dream and there was a conversation going on in the comments. I don't remember the conversation. Then there was this random part where I was in a dressing room trying on clothes. Then the principal of a school drove me to school. She was like the nice version of the principal of the school that Matilda went to. Like the movie Matilda. She looked like the evil lady. Then i was in this pickup truck with two dudes. One was an adult the other seemed to be my age. They didn't really notice me much. We were driving through this parking lot that was connected between Walmart and a grocery store. We passed this guy hopping into his really small blue pickup through the passengers side, instead of the drivers side. I assumed the drivers door was broken. We had slowed down and were parking behind this other car. The wheels squeaked really loudly when the car turned. When we parked i saw Ellen Degeneres walk really fast towards Walmart, and then be stopped by a girl. They talked for a second before Ellen hurried into Walmart. The guys got out of the car and I followed. We ran into the grocery store even though I wanted to go into Walmart. I don't remember why, maybe to see Ellen or something, maybe I had a bad feeling about going in the grocery store. When we ran in I realized everybody was panicking. And we were trying to find something. I think it was just food cuz the younger dude grabbed a bag of chips i think it was and then they tried to run to the doors, but a big sculpture thingy made out of soda in boxes fell over and blocked the elevator we were going to use. We ran, trying to find a different way, but they were all blocked. And thats all i remember.