Astral projection to hell

Date: 7/9/2019

By Bangtan_Lenny

I was at Phuong house and I have many stuff with me. Things happen and I choose a stuff animal as the most important thing for me. I think it was like a. Bunny, my dad was upstair kinda drunk I think. Then there was like a storm, after that I don’t remember but I remember that I tried to grab the bunny and go. But then I feel like I need to bring some back up stuff Incase if anything happen. I don’t care about dying and leaving the world but I kinda felt scared. Then I saw my self rolling up under a cliff r a cave with my dad...I believe...then with another woman that I don’t remember clearly. Then there were rocks on the cliff falling down on us. In my head I was like we’re dead and praying to God. And then the rocks hit us they somehow just turn super tiny. After that more rocks we’re faliing down and they were bigger and hit us. I was so scared and the lady next to me said that I wasn’t ready to die. And I think I told them that I was scared. Something happened and I think I blacked out. Boom I was at a strange place. I think I was chained and I see millions of people and kids. The place was super shady and I I got dragged closer. I see this creature that looks like a big giant demon pig? He has a dark dirty pastel color with pointy ears. He wear clothes like a warrior with spicks all over his clothes. And he have a yellow eyes. He have this big stick in his hands and it like those wrecking ball, but in a stick with spikes all over the ball and he use that to wack people. I got pull closer to him and it was scary as hell. Then I saw this thing on me and other people. It like a sand clock r like the percent on a game call identity that I play. And it use to measure the good and bad things that we go when we were still on earth and alive. I notice that and I ask the demon “Am I in hell?” My voices was shaking. And he reply with a smirk “yes.” Then I got pull to the right side and it look much more darker. He hit me with the weapon and it hurt SO BAD AND I COULD FEEL THE SPIKES ON MY ASS. As I got pull on right side. Before it was my turn I saw Nolan and Tiger there getting hit and I look at their percentage and it looks like they done more bad things that I do. R it maybe the other way that they do more good things then I do. And then I got into this place and it so scary and new and everything is so unexplainable. There were smoke on the ground and it not even a ground. It feels like I was in heaven but it not heaven. Cuz it super shady and dark, there were to lights like angles r stuff. Then I meet this lady, I think she’s so a demon too cuz she kinda look like the pig guy but she’s smaller at a human side. She seems nice and we talked, I also ask her “is this hell?” She reply “yes, you are in hell and you will have to suffer forever in here.” And it so scary and I could feel it so real. More like it really was. And I keep asking her about me staying here for ever and she only reply with the same answer. “They r going to hit you everyday and you are staying forever.” And I believed that it was hell. She share with me about how we can take a break in this dark place more like a place for us to stay and rest. I also even said “wow it so different from how humans describe it on earth about what hell looks like”And then I don’t remember what happen next but I think I also was talking to a demon guy, he pointed straight ahead of me out far away. And ask “do you know what that place is?” I almost got it I think but I was confusing. He gave me a hint and said it Holy. I saw a bible in my head but then he said “it where Father ( Chúa Cha) comes and visit it everyone.” And she said that “you won’t able to breathe when he is sitting for a few minutes, you will suffer and feeling uncomfortable” and he said it like there is a force sitting on our lungs. While he said that I can see a vision in my head in what gonna happen. I saw a giant man and it looks like Jesus and kinda like Joseph Jesus step father. But he was big and BEAUTIFUL, he was wearing a long gown and it was white and shiny. The lights were shining on him as he walk. And the sun looks like sunset but it was extremely beautiful and bright. I saw him strong down but most of the time I was only able to see from his hips all the way to his legs. And there were ray of lights shining on us and people couldn’t breathe. But it feels like I was actually there even tho it like a vision but I feel fine. He was BEAUTIFUL, then I was send back to normal and I don’t remember what happen next. But I remember that I got a call from a random person. I look at my phone and I was shock how MY FRIEND MOM CALLED ME AND IT WAS JOHN’S MOM. She called me and ask “Len do you have a Dream/ are you in hell r that place too? Because John was also in it.” I was shock and reply back “YES” and she told me that John just woke up and I could see the situation and John looks deadly exhausted. I ask her “How did John got out of this place?!” John then reply to me that he drank 2 of this medicine. I saw a medicine bottle with green label on it and yellow pills inside and long with the other medicine but i don’t remember the description of it. But he explained something about drinking it helps trigger something something about our brain and bla bla bla and we will wake up. I somehow was still in “hell” bu then I don’t how I was able to drink the medicine. Nothing happen but I remember waking up and I have that waking up sensations. But I was still dreaming even tho I woke up.