Explosive Cards

Date: 2/24/2017

By Snubagaff

I am in a Freddi Fish game which turns into a Spy Fox game. I walk into a cave like room and there are a couple of shady looking sharks leaning against the right wall. I walk past them and try to casually grab a note I see pinned to the wall. As I walk past I realise that there is an octopus watching me as well so I start running and they all start chasing me but I whip out some gizmo and throw it at a window and dive through. I'm in a market at a stall run by an Asian lady and I am buying a couple of Aboriginal paintsticks for my Nan but there are no two that are the same length. I get distracted by some Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I go to have a look at them and they are in little plastic sleeves which open via a small cap along the edge. She gets out a card and it's called Gaia dragon and it looks gold, foily and reflective but when I hold it it feels super flimsy and it's been bent heaps. I tell her it seems crappy, why would I want it? She says it's a rare explosive card made with pop rocks which will explode if you hit it. Whoever I'm with encourages me to get it but I still think it's shit.