Date: 8/7/2017

By themooreofbabylon

it was results day and there was like a gameshow where people could open their results and loads of school people went on it but none of them got in??? then i went to a classroom and leah was there and i was like DID YOU GET IN and she was like NO I GOT A*A*A* BUT WHEN FILLING IN MY UCAS DETAILS THE COMPUTER AUTOMATICALLY DID IT SO I GOT DISQUALIFIED SO NOW I'M NOT GOING TO UNI BC I'M NOT CLEVER ENOUGH then i cried bc i had no uni bff then i saw richard and he was like IM GOING TO NORTHAMPTON AND ITS YOUR FAULT BC YOU WONT LET ME GO TO QMUL! but idk what happened next because the BUILDERS WOKE ME UP 😡😡😡