Dance classes, angry woman.

Date: 2/10/2019

By ratherrare

Dream one: My sister and I were hanging out. All of the Humphries were there and I couldn’t remember if it was Michele’s birthday today or next month. Michele was scrolling though Instagram and then a woman came into the room and asked Michele and I to help her. We didn’t know what it was about and followed her anyways. We were in a nice neighborhood but didn’t seem anyone else outside, it was empty. We went into this huge room and saw a older woman and man sitting on a couch. The first woman wanted us to help in dance classes. We didn’t really want to but helped anyways. I paired up with the old woman that way Michele could have the man, I know Michele has been looking for a boyfriend and thought maybe this would be a good way for her to get out. Unfortunately, when the guy stood up we noticed he was pregnant. What a bummer. Michele and I ended up dancing by ourselves, we started with the Waltz and then Michele got distracted by a book on the table and stopped dancing. Everyone was watching so I decided to improvise. I did some old school hip hop moves. The other people had to rate us on our performance and we didn’t do too well. Dream two: I was at Target and had been told by Jay that a accident was about to happen in the parking lot. He was outside vaping. There was an old woman in a electric cart in the middle of the road blocking a car, the woman in the car was becoming very angry. The woman got out of the car and walked up towards the store. She then came up to me and began yelling at me, she was questioning me about if I played the piano, apparently this had something to do with my checkerboard vans? I fired back at her and Jay jumped in too. We told her to fuck off and she walked away.