Vivid Dream

Date: 2/18/2019

By coll23

I had two dreams. I will focus on the second one and only briefly describe the first one. We played a great card game that isn't real. The second dream was me laying in bed. My mom was telling IDK who that she had a secret to tell about something. Turns out, the secret was that she wanted my sister to marry someone ugly because my mom considered my sister "ugly". My mom brought up a list of people ranked based on beauty. My sister than says " Yeah Mia is #1. This list is bogus." I think to myself " Yeah this list is bogus." Then my mom tells me that I look like an animal. She did this to get me up from the bed. I felt angry. Little emojis of people boxing appeared and I said " Yeah I want to box my mom." Then I went into the bathroom to shave to look less like an animal. I was in there and my dad came in. This caused me to cry and he comforted me by telling me there was a competition to be won. Then I looked into the mirror and there was a rash on my face. This is probably because I have a rash irl. It was so vivid.