Stupid ass furry and demon thing

Date: 2/19/2019

By PandaPuff

My mom and I were at her friends house and I saw this bleeding baby deer and I brought it in and her friend somehow helped it. Next part of my dream, Lexi, Alexis, and I skipped school to go to Walmart. When we got there, we all split up getting different things. I went to get orange juice and I saw it had fish in it (which actually it does) so I looked for a vegan option. I finally found one. I threw it in the cart and we continued shopping. After we were done we headed back. In a split second, Lexi and I were in my grandmas car and my grandma was driving. Alexis walked to school, grabbed her bike, and rode up. I was like,"Poor Alexis has to bike home in the rain." We got to my step-grandparents house, but for some reason it was like Lexi's mom's house. I told Lexi that I got vegan orange juice and she said she knew and that she was mad because it tasted like water. I said,"Yeah some of the reviews were bad, but some good." Her mom walked into the kitchen and talked about how a girl was coming over here and that we should be nice to her and make friends with her. Apparently the only friends she has are her older brothers. Lexi and I walked into the bathroom when we heard a car door slam and looked out the window to see what looked like the girl skipping happily to the door. We gave each other an 'oh no' look and came out. When we greeted her, we all went into the bathroom again. (No idea why we kept going to the bathroom to hang out). Lexi talked to her and I was just like uhhh and hung back. The girl was talking about some kind of demon thing(?) and suddenly they were both gone. I stood up to see this man (pretty) with long gray hair. He looked like a dude in a webtoon I read. I demanded he return Lexi, but he just said no. I was like,"Fine, then send me into the mirror to go get her." He said,"furries only" and I almost died laughing. Lexi's not even a furry. That girl wanted to trap Lexi with her forever so she could have a friend all to herself. I said,"Oh, I'm a furry!" (Not really, I hate furries) and got on the floor and pretended to be a dog lmaooo. It seemed like he was kind of convinced, but still wouldn't let me through because I had no proof I had a fursuit. I ran out of options and decided to try to seduce him into sending me into the mirror?? I stripped my clothes off and he seemed to be enjoying it. In return, he also took his off. I was like NO am I really gonna do this to get Lexi back? Anyways, to make it even more convincing I placed a fake vibrator (god why kill me) between my legs that only made the sound and was like,"See? I'm serious about this." (Dumb af) And that sealed the deal with him and he believed me (kill me, just kill me. I hate dream me.) I was going to get Lexi back. Someone told my familiar (why tf did I have a familiar) about the long gray-haired demon and he suddenly came busting into the bathroom, in human form, and dragged me away still half naked. Then I woke up. Lol sorry Lexi I never got to save you.