Date: 2/7/2017

By heyitsjewel

I was at school, had to attend early detention, school looked different, things were defo off but i wasn't aware enough i didn't question it 🙄 had detentions to attend in real life but missed it, had to be at detention at 8:90am which is weird cos detention is always at 8 and 8:90 doesn't even exist, as i remember it being written on a large board on the wall which doesn't exist in real life, me and my friend sheema had to go detention, we could kill time, went upstairs and there was a mini aquarium, i took live pics with my iphone 6s, bubbles coming out of rocks in the tanks, to make it my live wallpaper for my lockscreen because my friend showed me yesterday we can do that on iphone 6s, was completely unaware that it was a dream unfortunately, again i used the MILD method to dream, woke up earlier cos my alarm went off at 6:15am i remembered my dream, however i fell back asleep, had forgotten about it after a while, i have to get up for skl now cos i have an 8am detention, that triggered my memory and i'm happy i had a dream, unfortunately it wasn't lucid, however now i know what times i usually dream so it's 5/6ish, this is very weird to explain but i'm using this subliminal affirmation video by hypnodaddy which helps me to remember my dreams, listened to it before i went to sleep for about 15-20 mins and i believe it's working and it's gonna help me to be more aware but i still need to practise reality checks, ik this is only meant to be a dream journal but i want to add it my own notes so maybe it would help you guys too and plus i can remember what i did to have dreams and what time i woke up.