Highschool-ish memories

Date: 8/20/2019

By momoney6628

So I walked into a lambert highschool literature class at 7am and walked over to my seat. I looked at the Book on my desk and my teacher asked how much of the reading I had gotten done and when I didn’t have an answer I quickly realized this was my first time attending the class and we were like 3 weeks into the semester. I ended up leaving class because it didn’t start until 8am. So I went back home and I was in my closet changing clothes. While I’m in there some dude walks through my room with his dog (my room was attached to the school and he was passing through) Anyways, while in my closet I got this like virtual letter-gram that I opened and saw a bunch of different pictures of myself. There was also a hand written letter my an old highschool friend named James Park. I read the letter and James was giving me some sort of praise. I can’t remember it all but he described me as being some kind of ‘messenger’ (of truth?) that he looked up to.