evil me

Date: 6/15/2017

By sarahelkady

i was the villian of my own self...it started suddenly i remember closing a door but when i looked from a crack in it i thought it was my sister bec it showed her head but not her eyes and above she was wearing this blue cardigan that i love and this was just a thought in my dream,but in a flash i saw some kind of grey smear on her face but i totally ignored that thought, then she came closer to the door and then leaned to have her eyes aligned to mine to look back at me... and it was me!! me with a smart look and face...and then a cold smile appeared on her lips and she blow some kind of dust and her real face appeared some kind of a dead person or a i dont know but it was like the witch in hallow sleep...then the though i got was now she won. then i woke up...i dont rember much but that was not the only scene...when i woke up i decided to go sleep next to mum and when i got up my bed mole shifted or broke...i dont know yet