Date: 8/26/2017

By tiny_0ne

I was riding back into town on a bus with a bunch of other people when someone pointed to really dark clouds in front of us. I asked if they had funnels at the bottom of them and I was told no, Las Vegas doesn't get tornados. I said you're right. I looked behind us and there were a bunch more of this funny shapped clouds. one touched down next to us and took off. the bus hurried back into Vegas, as fast as it would go, I tried calling my boyfriend to tell him to get the animals and get the eff out, but I couldn't get a hold of him. I begged the bus driver to stop by my apartment cuz I needed my animals and he said no there was no time. as I was pleading with him another tornado touched down and immediately took out a 7-11. I looked back at the bus driver and said, look I live on this street, 2 blocks from here just stop and I will get out. he did, I jumped out, and ran while trying to call by bf again. finally got a hold of him he said he had the cats and the guinea pigs, but he didn't have the fish, and he was heading south. I grabbed the fish threw them into red solo cups, got into my car and headed south to meet up with my bf.