First day freshman year

Date: 7/3/2019

By Halis

Okay so I am going into my freshman year of high school and this dream has me twisted the dream started off by me having 3 friends in my bedroom at 3 am watching Netflix well my parents weren’t too thrilled about there being guys so my father sent them home or so he thought my “boyfriend” in the dream stayed and hid in my closet till my parents went back to bed and then he came out and cuddled me back to sleep and then I wake up all ready and it's my first day of school I'm assuming and I am walking in the courtyard of my new school heading out of my first period and he shows up and holds my hand well his other arm is around my shoulder and he asked me what my next class was and I believe I said sign language and so he's an upperclassman so you best believe I got stares and he walked me through the cafeteria which looked like the cafe in Chicago and then I arrived through the back of my old middle school and I hang out in the office for a class period and my next class would be orchestra so I walked in the direction of the orchestra room and turning the corner was my ex-love who moved to a different City and seeing him broke my heart