awful dream

Date: 2/11/2017

By stefdrms

I dreamt that I was at a house party with my friends and significant other. We have French bulldogs and in my dream we had so many puppies. I remember people coming from the fence checking them out. They were being passed alone and I rember it made me uneasy that these babies were around so many people. I recal seeing a puppy under a pile of wood . I picked him up and realized he had a nail near his belly button. I was frantic that nobody wanted to do anything to help and told My boyfriend we had to get to vet ASAP. He said ok. But that he was going with his friends because he came With them. I was like what the shit they don't even care about the dogs. I was so pissed about this but let it go. He came back and it was evening and he got so wasted. We were in a group talking about something and my boyfriend says in a slur oh she's hot and she has something something. We all let out a little chuckle as it was funny but then he kept saying it over and over and I got fuckinf annoyed and told him he was being rude. He became More obnoxious and I told him I was getting out of there. I rember walking Out and he came out after to me I thought to stop Me from Leaving with puppies and apparently my son at night. Instead he was saying it was better I left that he didn't want Ronnie with me that he didn't want to play a father role in my Sons life and he deff didn't want to be THERE dad (as he pointed at the puppies I oddly had in a plastic bag) I remember walking down a dark ally there was no light almost pitch black and several homeless people. I finally made it to a dirty bus stop where it was dark,just one light , and one hard concrete bench, still Homeless people all Over. I remember I sat my son down and put the puppies in the plastic bag in between us. My son was playing on his iPad and I was trying to download uber on my phone thinking there was no way I was getting on a bus with these people. In a matter of seconds these puppies started scurrying out of the bag, they didn't have full Mobility in there baby legs but crawled insanely fast all In different directions. I dropped so My shit and ran since they were headed towards the street. I saw the oddest thing. All Of the puppies one by one crawling faster then I've ever seen secreted this weird translucent yellow good and little damn crawled out of their skins, into their skeletons, it was damn horrific. I saw it happen one by one and my heart kept sinking further down my chest every time I saw this. I lost them all they all died I was Broken. I remember calling my Boyfriend to tell him And his phone was off . I thought fuck him he wouldn't care anyway and kept thinking about the puppy at the vet hoping he still Made it. I woke up from This dream (and I woke up pissed!) because my Boyfriend was yelling out our dogs name Rupert, he said he had a bad dream he jumped off a building. I always find it interesting sometimes we both have similar dreams not in what happens but if it's bad it's bad and if it's good it's good. Anyway I calmed myself Realizing it was only a dream and not To be mad lol