harry styles and sexual abuse

Date: 4/16/2017

By catheartic

I was with my classmates on a trip to Europe. We had to take a test where we had to get rid of a heavy bag while a fly was attacking us. If the fly touched you, you had to go inside this building. Most people couldn't figure out how to get rid of the bag so the fly touched them. Others threw the bag over a railing into the ocean. Some people tried to escape from the fly by flying away, but they always got caught, and if you tried to escape you get sent to a dungeon thing. Eventually it was my turn to get rid of the bag, and I tried to escape so I got locked up. Two other people before me had done the same thing; a guy named James and Harry Styles. I got taken inside the building past my friends and classmates and they saw me being taken to the dungeon. Before I went in I saw that the people inside were tying up my friends and beating them with whips. I was sent in, saw Harry, and screamed his name because I was scared. He and the other guy looked up and Harry had the most horrified look on his face when he saw me because he was scared for me. I was set down and tied to a plank by my hands and feet and given a headband. We weren't allowed to talk to each other but I managed to ask Harry a few questions. He started crying and I asked if I could hug him, to which he said no. On a board in the back of the room were the times when they were fed. It was late evening and the board said that they got fed every six hours, but the last time he ate was at noon. Time goes by and we're being whipped and tortured, and the room begins to get more full, which means more people are trying to escape. At this point I don't remember anything else from this segment of the dream. It changes into something a bit different. All my classmates, Harry, and I are being held captive in a trailer by a grey-haired man with sunglasses on. He makes us do a bunch of puzzles and challenges, each one worse than the last. The final challenge is to have sex with our friend. Harry was my friend so I got together with him and we had sex and we were crying because we were being forced to do it and if you didn't, you could possibly get killed. After that torture was over, all of the prisoners revolted, and we tackled the guy and squished him. We had to get rid of the colors white and black, and we did, so he was finally dead. All of us were stranded in a foreign country with no phones or any way to contact our parents or go home. We waited for a day or so, and as I was throwing away a bunch of different pairs of sunglasses, helicopters and cars pulled up to our trailer. I was scared because I didn't know if someone was going to hurt us, so I ran away and tried to hide. I found out that the person coming in was someone I knew, and she tried to get me to tell her what happened to us. I told her that the guy sexually abused us, and that he made Harry and I have sex. All of our parents were called and we finally got to go home and deal with what had happened to us.