Digital art, As a towering giantess surrounded by anime-themed landscapes, she watches as a flock of Pidgeys take off from a mountain that rises up to her waist.


Date: 1/21/2017

By brinkery

I dreamed that I was a giantess.. I was in an anime-themed world. I had these two friends(girls, I forgot their names) around. They went up to my knees. This dog-like girl was stuck in a moving bed(search it up). She kept calling her father, saying she didn't have any eyes. I tried multiple times reaching in and safely getting her out, but she refused. She ended her car with, "Okay, I'll get some eyes, Daddy." Then, she reached her arm down, and grabbed (what looked like it)a blue contact. Other colors were down there, too. Then, in an other scene, my friends were nowhere to be seen, along with the girl. So, I went over to the mountain that went up to my waist. I saw a bunch of Pidgeys(Pokemon).

AI generated interpretation This dream could reflect your feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless. The giantess might symbolize a feeling of powerlessness as you try to help your friends but are unable to do so. The dog-like girl being stuck in the moving bed could represent feeling stuck in a difficult situation that you can't get out of. Trying to reach in and help her but being refused could signify a feeling of rejection and disappointment. The blue contact could represent the hope of a solution, while the other colors could represent other potential options. Finally, the mountain with the Pidgeys could suggest a sense of stability, as the mountain is a strong, natural force that is difficult to move. All in all, this dream could be interpreted as a reflection of your feelings of anxiety, powerlessness, and a hope for a solution.