Part One: Prosecutor on a Transgender Murder Trial

Date: 2/22/2017

By pxalcosleep

The murder of a man by his transgender lover on an airplane. I was the prosecutor on this case and used striking visual graphics to illustrate the soul of the murderer. I do remember interviewing a few witnesses but the key feeling it and imagery that stuck out to me was my graphic of the mixture of emotions and feelings and how pent-up anger, feelings of betrayal, and loneliness of the murderer helped him commit this heinous act. This is illustrated through a small labyrinth of tunnels seemingly affected by the wind and two colored forces for blue and red meshed in together in forming into a deep ugly green purple tone; rushing through the tunnels and then to peek. You see the elaborate from a Birdseye view. Thin white walls and paint-like smoke. I was also involved with the murder at a personal level where I watch The transgender man put on his make up and I put it on as well to feel how he was feeling. Transgender man watch from a distance as his lover went through security and finally boarded the airplane airplane was wider and his friend is able to see him at the terminal in the most vivid portions of the dream. I would later meet a younger version of the murdered man in my Japanese religious dream as a young man who fights the goddess to the death.