My period, lots of blood, and yet another love story

Date: 7/23/2019

By ItsABlackCat

The first half of the dream all I can remember is that I was bleeding PROFUSELY from my vagina. I’m not on my period irl but I most likely was in the dream bc I wasn’t freaking out too much. I was tryna put a pad in, but for some reason it was like the middle of my period so I was bleeding rlly heavily and it was just flowing all over my hands and underwear as I tried to replace it. One of my family members came into the bathroom and was like ‘um are u on ur period?’ and I was like ‘what tf do you think?’ Fast forward a bit and somehow, I’m in an umbrella-academy themed family. Like I have ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ who all are different. I don’t think we had powers necessarily but we were all like, good at one certain thing. I was the ‘smart’ one for example. Fast forward EVEN MORE (I forget a lot of it) and I’m in this weird place that feels like a mock-city. Really small city ‘squares’ with buildings forming an almost-square patch of sidewalk in the middle. I’m split up from my ‘family’ and we’re trying to do something, looking for something. I go into this area, dodge trains and go back into the train tracks (I remember thinking that it was sorta like a video game, so once you get past the train itself it doesn’t actually come from the tunnel- it’s just an animation or something, and the hit box is small). In the back there was a maze of tunnels. I go through and find this girl. She would answer my question or something. I remember thinking, she was important to the reason why I was there. Something (or someone) bad was going to take her / ask her something if we didn’t first, though, so I went back and got my ‘family’ members and showed her to them. I also recall a competition, as if we were going against other ‘families’ or something. Skip even more and the most recent thing I can remember from the dream is that I was at a pool, and one of my ‘family members’ (from the UA style family of bros and sisters) has run away from me. I missed her and was sad, I was daydreaming about giving her a big hug when she came back. We were kinda in love (like Allison and Luther from UA, I know it’s weird but I didn’t think of her as a sister in this dream) and so even tho I was just imagining hugging her, it felt nice. I remember that she was HUGE and had broad shoulders, thick muscles and kind of a rough, but handsome face, with a square jawline that made her seem kind of androgynous. She had short red hair and a deep voice, and big boobs. The strongest thing I can remember from this dream was my attraction to her, and my need for the girl in the tunnel who was somehow important.