Future Cruise

Date: 2/16/2019

By anacognate

I dreamt that I got off of a flight to Germany and I was in Paris, then took a smaller flight that Mary met me at the gate and we walked through a walkway tunnel into a confusing white hallway with stairs and inset shelves. We walked up and eventually found a sunlit kitchen. With many people and views out onto a lake. Met a few French people then mom took me outside to show me we were floating ~20, 30 feet up on catamaran deck that was a hot air balloon. She lowered the balloon to show we were on a boat too. The platform was huge and the building on it was kind of stark and apartment building-y small windows and no outside features. The balloon was big and red. I swam in the lake then we came back into a deck floor kitchen and I met young French people that invited me to a bonfire. We boated the house back to a large dock and a spirally mini mansion in the woods where we all disembarked and chatted about the upcoming fire while exploring super high tech trampolines that would force field bounce you back up if you fell off and crazy smartphone plug-in projection touch screen holo-tables.