New Nightmares

Date: 4/4/2017

By mortifera

The first dream started off on a train platform where a group of people were taking pictures and enjoying themselves, I was there along with my brother. While we were there, a group of people joined us and trapped is on the platform and started up the train. They began to torture us and tried to force us to do sexual things to one another, I refused and tried to protect AJ from them as best as i could. At one point one of them men grabbed me, and the woman next to him began to slap me for shits and giggles. The men trapped with us banded together and attempted to throw a couple of the kidnappers off the train. It works and the rest of us are able to kill the rest as well and are able to get the train back to a station with the help of some conductors over a walkie. We all jump off and book it and the dream transitions into a world similar to that of this tv ive been watching called the Good Place, except that its actually the Good place, and all the characters are there. Not to mention there appears to be some evil force going around and kidnapping the dead residents. Michael is unable to find the intruder, I find myself trying to find the intruder and kill a resident, who was actually one of the enemies in disguise. He and another attempt to murder me, which their attempt fails. I kill both just narrowly escaping death myself based on some odd power I discover that radiates from within and heightens my reflexives and gives me a dark knife that is hardly visible to the naked eye but sharper than diamonds. I throw their bodies into a river that leads directly to the ocean from my perspective. I return back and keep my mouth shut about the whole thing. Eventually they begin to check the sewers and I become worried they're on to me, especially after they begin to question the residents. I joke around during my interview and manage to avoid the questioning altogether, as they use the same cube used in the show to prevent me from lying. I go to the huge mansion where Michael is comforting Tahani, Jianyu, and Eleanor and assuring them it would be alright. Eleanor seems satisfied and leaves to find Chidi, while both Tahani and Jianyu remained terrified, turning to me and saying how there was something they hadnt told Michael. That they had both encountered a terrifying being that made the darkness of night seem bright and seemed to be the main culprit of the current problems. They tell me that he does something to the residents that turn them into machines of sorts and heed only his command, and had barely scrapped by with their lives. Terrified he would be back to claim them, I tried to console them before the sun in the world, which normally never set, was engulfed in dark flames and vanished and their remained hardly any light other than some of the neighboring houses. Tahani becomes distraught and begins to say how we're all through and going to die, I immediately rush outside to survey any immediate threat, and check on those in campfire just outside the mansion. All seem okay beyond being shaken up and confused at to whats happening, save for one resident who's eyes begin to glow and suddenly flies off in to the distant and vanishes. I hear a loud cry for help and see Tahani attempting to kill Jianyu before flying off like the other resident. Although I tried to follow them, I fear for the safety of the others and myself and return back to the mansion. There dream then transitions into me in my old room having a rather gorey dream involving one punch man. I become distraught and try to go to my mom's room but she's not there and i just sit outside her door, terrified of dreams.