Little Boy, Little Boy.

Date: 7/2/2019

By danilynn29

I was sleeping when I suddenly appeared to be in a small shed. It was crammed with rakes and garden tools. Nearly one person could fit. The shed was a navy blue. But I knew it wasn't my shed. I heard voices of a small child and a woman. Which I did not know where they were coming from. I tried to get out, the door was stiff. I creeked it open about an inch length, and saw a little boy in a yellow stripe t-shirt, planting a sunflower with his mother. The mother turned her head to see me and her eyes glowed red. I shut the door, and from my bare feet, hundreds of thousands of ladybugs spilled out and swiftly climbed up the walls. ( I was scared of them at the time) one they all disappeared, I heard three loud knocks on the shed door. I woke up! P.s- I saw this little boy at the park last week. RIP.