Weird anime school?

Date: 3/19/2017

By tiptipkitten

I don't remember much but I was excepted to a school. At the school everyone was playing a game that looked like a snowball fight except there wasn't any snow. I soon joined the game and while playing I saw my younger brother and a guy from a show I watch. his name was Canada, he had blue eyes and blondish hair with one little strand sprouting from his head then ending with a single curl. I walked up to him and ask for a alliance. He looked at me sorta surprised then nodded silently. Happily I turn around and see a few friends of mine who were giggling. Figuring that they think I made an alliance because I liked him. I said truthfully "it's not like that!" Even though it was the truth I still blushed. We played for a few more minutes then every one was ushered inside. We were sat down and I ended up next to a teacher. The only thing I can remember about is that he was bald. In front of us there was screens that had songs on it. So it was like a giant sing along. Everybody together sounded terrible. Me included. The teacher next to me scoffed and said "you guys sounds awful" I nodded and responded with "yeah, I never really had a good singing voice" I kinda ended up in a flying minivan with some of the other students. I looked out side the front windshield and saw other floating minivans which I guess had the other students and awesome floating island with a giant tree in the middle overflowing with greenery and the roots of the tree hanging out the bottom. I heard an announcer say go and one of the kids hopped out one of the windows and went straight up. I heard the clashing of blades so I looked out the window and saw them fighting an anime type battle while they just floated there. For some reason I found this perfectly normal and I was excited for my turn. I saw one person jump up in a ninja style suit on except it was bright purple and pink. I then thought to myself about what weapon I would use and had a mental image of me trying to fight with my normal clothes and no weapon. Everything from that point I don't remember.