Princess Flying me to japan and crashing on fake china.

Date: 11/14/2016

By richilye

(...) I had to go to Japan, then I took my plane, which was a big one (which i don't have in real life), my dad and sister entered the plane as well, then the pilot came in, it was princess/queen Henrietha from Zero no Tsukaima, she put the fly on automatic, then she started talking to me (I forgot the whole conversation, but it was important). The plane was flying alongside the highway, not getting too high, then I told Henrietha to switch to manual controls before we crash, then she said she doesn't really know how to pilot it, then we were on North of Brazil and Henrietha decided to land and search for a pilot, we sorta of landed crashing in a Highway in a fake china. The plane was fine, we drove it to a nearby airport, then the chinese ambassador entered the plane to talk to us (I forgot his name), but Henrietha held a grudge agaisnt him regarding the last war, apparently he did something bad as an ally. Did I mention that Henrietha was the queen of the U.S? (in my dream ofc). The guy talked to us, I told the princess to lift and search fora pilot somewhere else, since she didn't like the guy, she said it was okay, and we got off the plane. The ambassador called a fuel truck to fill or plane, then I asked him wat type of gasoline was that and how much would it be, then he said "it's good cheap gasoline, chinese cheap gasoline, it's not common gasoline.", then I was sure that China also made fake gasoline, I was a bit worried about the plane. There was a school there and I was supposed to go for some reason, the school didn't look like any normal school, the building was weird. on the 2nd floor was a table full of sweets and chocolate, there was a cute girl nearby, she started putting some chocolates on a plate, then a guy came running by and put some random candy in my pocket, and I said out loud "WTF", it startled the girl with the plate of chocolates, she was gonna give it to me, but she got scared and ran away. I started chasing after the guy, when i entered the next room, there were some couples inside (I started feeling sad), then a girl came up to me and said "If you don't accept a girl's chocolates when she gives it to you, it means you're gay", she was clearly talking about the girl in the last room, I tried to explain that a guy came by and startled me first. I ran outside, I found a clothes store, my dad and sister were there and they already had some local clothes, meanwhile I was still wearing my pleb clothes, I wanted some clothes too, but we didn't had any money, I went outside. I found some aqueducts were I fell flying from a boat some other time. (it happened in an old dream that I was boat racing and the i hit something and went flying there) The place was lile it used to be, I went down there and it was the same but with some workers nearby making repairs. I left... (Anf i forgot the rest of the dream).