Meth ?

Date: 8/22/2017

By blissfulllife

My dream started if with me in a house similar to my mothers. I was running late for work, it was already 8:15 and I was rushing to get dressed. I remember contemplating if I should hop into the shower or not, for the sake of time. I decided I would, mean while I was arguing with a man who symbolized Laz and my mother. It was like we were saying what we wish to say to each other's face but keep our mouths live in reality to avoid anymore conflict. The tension and frustration was still there though. I take a shower and it was like the walls open to outside, it was kind of nice/luxurious actually. It was like I was taking a shower outside in a standing shower. That's when I see them (the man portraying Laz who also looked like the guy at work who reminds me of Chris) chasing something, and I realize that it's Trixie, my cat in Jersey. She clamps onto a wall or something and I was hesitant to grab her for fear that she would scratch me but I still did because I wanted her inside. I love my kitty, I hope she's thinking about me 💓 that's when I bring her inside and I end up in a living room, a crowded living room. The set up was weird, it was like every family room I've been too often combined in one. That's when I see Anna and Nino sitting/laying on the couch without their baby. They looked terrible. Nino looked fucked off but Anna looked worse. They were both pale and their lips were dry and crusty. Anna looked a little deranged even, and was noticeably high off of something. It seemed they had a couple of days away from their baby, and used it to get high. Her mouth was cracked and dry too, and her eyes were big and wide. She was so excited to see me, but I was really apprehensive to talk to them, I could feel the disapproving look on my face. Silas was in a chair to my left, and that's when Anna pulled out a paper tube/bag ? filled with Ice. She literally poured all the ice into my hand, offering it freely. Nino just sat there high. I was unwilling to take any of it, and I was actually disappointed in Anna. The temptation was somewhat there but my resistance was stronger than that. I see Anna going towards Silas and I was worried because I didn't want her to touch him and get meth on my baby. I tried to pour the ice back into the bag, halfway wanting to get rid of it all together. I ended up LICKING MY HAND/the remains of the ice like an idiot and INSTANTLY started to regret it/worry. I though to myself "omg, I have a drug test coming up" and even though I've leaves your system fast, I was more afraid of it coming into contact with Silas or worse, being high at work.