Freaky Friday FuckFest

Date: 7/6/2017

By Y0Universe

I switched bodies with a younger model with shaved gel'd up hair, whiter complexion, looks kind of like hunter, not as handsome or cut. He was probably 19. New to the industry. We had this job at an invent where we had to have sex with a bunch of models. But somehow lots of the men switched bodies. It was like an artful orgy with an artful twist. It was awesome! But I couldn't find where my regular body went and wanted to switch back. I left to go to the bathroom and had to poop, when I pulled my pants down I had a much smaller penis, which was disappointing because I had work to do. I went to the sink to wash my hands and stared at my foreign body in the mirror, it was so strange because my voice was the same. I went back outside and there was plenty of craziness. Like one big party. I saw a short woman sitting at a table with Katie. The woman hitting on Katie had body switched from a man, and tried hitting on her, but she stood up from the table they were at and leaned over him/her intimidatingly. Katie seemed like she was confidently waiting to find me.