Rothschild party

Date: 3/7/2017

By c0ryp1

Dream started out in my mothers current house. I was younger and living with my sister we were talking about some weird shit and decided to write a letter to the Rothschilds. Then I don't remember the day changing but I checked the mail and they're were some bills and a reply to my letter it was shrimp bones glued down in Chinese lettering but backwards so I needed a mirror to read it (did not see my reflection) and a weird dragon picture that was supposed to be a riddle that we needed to solve in order to meet them some where. I went to turn on the light upstairs but the light would not turn on flicked it a couple of time and then I started freaking out and felt something was watching me from the darkness freaked out more and went to scream my sisters name but couldn't get my voice to work so I kept trying and finally got something out but not loud kept working on it untill I could scream loudly. at this point I forgot about the presence(or it left). so I know my sister is afraid of ghost so I then pretended that it was throwing/forcing me off the balcony untill my sister finally ran up the stairs and the dream ended. Working on my dream recall lately and reading about lucidity and it interest me so I'm now keeping a dream journal