Guy from my camp watched me shower

Date: 6/3/2019

By levinelover

I walked behind a young Indian child and her dad while I was playing rap music from my phone and neither of them seemed to mind. The mom was in the distance. I think I was also dressed kinda revealing. The mom eventually came and wasn’t happy I was there. I went to public showers and this really skinny guy who looks like his name could be Cody that I went to camp with was in one of them with his friend who looked a lot younger than me, they both looked like 17 and the friend had a round babyface. The curtain was kinda see through so I didn’t get fully naked I went with a bathing suit top and underwear, and Cody started to watch me shower. His friend told him to stop that I’d see him. Cody said to shh and went around the corner to watch me from the side and started to masturbate. I was him from my peripheral vision and thought it was hot. I washed my boobs and my legs sexy and hoped I looked natural and not weird for wearing underwear in the shower.