Mean Bully and Vacation Disaster

Date: 5/16/2017

By Ifiresky08

First Dream: I was in a school. An american school, (I am from the Philippines) and there is some popular girl bully name Catherine. She bullies almost every non popular girl in the campus including me. Then it cuts off through what it seems like prom day and only I remember that she was lock up in a cubicle at the girl's restroom XD. I was fixing my make up or something anx out of pity I help her and she thank me. And I told her in exchange she should stop bullying girls and she promised and turns out we became friends too. Second Dream: After that prom day it cuts then I found myself with my family in my grandmother's house. We were going on vacation and it cuts again. Then I was shock when I was standing in seashore and the sun is almost down. I saw some people swimming but I don't see my family. Then end of the dream...