Death Whisper

Date: 6/24/2019

By Aiylla

DJ, Celeste, and I were in New York City. We were going to a concert venue somewhere, and along the way found a library that gave certificates* in witchcraft so we decided to stop in. We were led by a tall woman with black, curly hair and dark eyes wearing a flowy, gauzy dress to room full of books where she explained a few of them to us, one of which had Korean writing on the cover and she said was called "Presence of the Soul." She then took us up some twisting stairs and to a room where about 10 people were sitting at tables. We walked in one by one, me first, and someone said, "Woah, there's three of them?" to which I replied, "All things happen in threes." The lady turned around and introduced herself, but I don't remember her name. She was the headmistress and library curator. She gestured to the group letting them introduce themselves. Afterwards the whole group did an exercise one at a time, attempting to move two bottle caps that were on a tray full of sand by any means they could. Celeste easily moved hers, DJ and I could not. After that the headmistress said they always had open sparring after classes and the only rule was no killing or permanently injuring. The others were interested in Celeste, since she had already shown power. DJ and I held her hands and closed our eyes then transferred our energy to her, wishing her luck. Dream skipped the actual fight. DJ then did a match, which it also skipped. When it was my turn I was worried I would have no actual power. I was against a guy. He was doing something that was painful but I don't remember what, then my power overtook me. My eyes turned black and when I moved they did that misty thing they do in animes where mist of the same color makes it look like their eyes blur as they move and then when they're standing still it looks like smoke rising kind of. I moved incredibly fast to behind him and put a hand on his shoulder, then started whispering in his ear. Even as I was doing it I knew I could not understand the words. His hands dropped to his sides and he said he gave up. I stepped back from him, normal again, and turned to the headmistress. "It's called a Death Whisper," I told her, "I can tell anyone how they will die based on their fate at that exact moment, down to the details. But I can't understand the language, only the person meant to hear it can." The dream ended there.