Greg can't kill me

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I was in some place, and I had to go to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom, but it wasnt like a bathroom when I was inside. It was sort of like a hospital room i guess. My older brother, Greg, and someone else were there in these long white doctor coats. And they told me that they were going to inject me with this poison that would kill me (um). There was someone else in the room with me, and when my brother and the other guy weren't looking we managed to get needles and some medicines we didn't know the names of. When they were distracted again we both stabbed them with our needles of medicine and it made them really lazy or something so they wouldn't try to hurt us. And we kept doing it every hour or so to make sure they were doped up pretty well. Lmao The guys also forgot to take away my phone so while they were sitting down I texted my friend Leslie something like "Come to the downstairs bathroom bring help PLEASE HURRY " and soon after that these guys busted into the bathroom and saved us. Then the dream went to another part and I was at the movies with my family (but not Greg) and we were watching the movie. It kept changing from movie to movie and at the end of it everyone in the Theatre stood up and clapped. When we were leaving my mon saw this game machine where you could win colored, spherical containers. They didnt have anything in them but she wanted one. I talked her out of it though and we kept going until we came to another similar machine except the containers were shaped like caterpillars. I got ten dollars from my mom and I was going to go back and get some of the round containers for her. (They were $1.44) I was walking and suddenly I was in my basement with Emmanuel sitting down on the floor next to me on a laptop. I told him I was going upstairs. I went up. Idk what i was doing really, but I looked outside and saw that Greg's car was parked outside and I ran into my moms bathroom to hide. I could hear him running up the stairs and yelling my name like he was angry and I thought he was mad I got him arrested for trying to kill me or something. But when he found me he jusy said "hey" and was confused about why i looked so scared. Then my cousin TJ came and he and Greg were in fancy hunting clothes and looking around. I thought they were looking for our generator (in the dream we had this buzzing noise in my moms room) and I thought they wanted the gas out of it to put into Greg's car. Then I woke up.