old friend

Date: 6/12/2017

By naya

I was at a store with parents and brother and I see a this guy I used to talk to. He waved at me and said hi but I put my finger to my mouth and shushed him while pointing at my parents (I didnt want my parents to notice him). I told my family im going to shop around and ill meet them later. he thanked me and we started walking together. We ended up at this festival except nothing was up (no rides, food trucks), there was barely anyone there either but I could tell it was a festival bc it was on a blocked off rode. We then ended up at this hotel which looked old but beautiful, in a middle eastern country im guessing. He told me that we're going to go up the stairs but it might be hard, I accepted and we starting walking. I was holding his hand and he was walking in front of me. We walked under about 3 gentle waterfalls and I enjoyed the experience. He then said "watch this" and tried to climb over a level by putting his leg over the fence of the stairs. I recognized this as dangerous and told him to stop many times. I said stop or i'll leave. he didnt stop and procceeded. I started walking away.