The Very Narrow Path in the Heart

Date: 4/3/2019

By Fitful

College. Picking out majors. Majors are animals you can become, a genre. War. I go into a closet staircase for the second time. It's about a hand deep, like a spice Cupboard and I don't think I will fit but to get in and close the door at another's urging. I climber and come out into a nice Victorian manor. I hide from the man who comes up the stairs of the second floor but he finds me. I'm supposed to talk to him. He gives a nice little speech about taking the path others think leads to insanity. I get it and take the college major, maybe like a house, which has animals you can become. The word is all who take this run a deep risk of going insane. He recommends the insanity, touching it, learning from it. It's not what you think, he tells me. I turn into fantastical animals with this major. Whispical ones. The world ends and the animals roam, surviving. I eat a jojoba bean raw. It's giant and it's what gives you strength, it's fed by a master. You learn obedience from your Master. In the beginning of this dream I was a squirrel, or I protected a squirrel, a squirrel who was a friend named Alex. I have dinner with people I'm not fond of, infiltration of the upper Crust of society. A corrupt society. The first time I do this I leave, the second time I stay and ptefend I'm one of them. I'm a teen. What can I do, but I'm fighting a part of this war, this ending of the world. I fall prey to what they think of me, but I am following my own destiny.