School Drama And Random false awakening {2 Dreams}

Date: 4/8/2017

By Serena

School Drama: We got our reports for drama and I didn't do very well it said on the description slot "not paying attention, fidgety" my group of people had to redo our drama grade so we went to the beach to preform but I got sand in my shoes so then I said "I want to fail drama. I don't want to do this!" We got in the black car we took and one of the classmates drove the car then one classmate in the back said "I created captain underpants!" I said "really?" And he said "Yes really! Look In this comic book" it turns out he was George I was talking to George Beard! I flipped a bunch of pages it was a complete replica of the captain underpants graphic novel But one page was different it said mr Krupp was put in a box and turned magically into captain underpants Then we were at the lockers I put my stuff in and saw George beard and Harold Hutchins looking at me and Then I had a false awakening Random False awakening: I was in a bed and called mom to say I had a weird dream that I wasn't paying attention and fidgety she said firmly "Alyssa.... You have to stop dreaming about that or else you will do it in real life!" Then I woke up