Space Shaman battle and time stopping fight ⏳ | Yukari's quest

Date: 10/28/2016

By richilye

I was sitting at the top of a mountain in front of someone's house, then I had a vision of three towers that looked like ranpunzel's tower, there was a river there surrounded by high hills, the towers were standing in some plain areas in the middle of the river, vision ended. A guy came climbing the mountain's stairs, his face was all bloody and full of scars (I don't even know how he was alive, the wounds were deep), then he asked for help and showed me his memories of what happened. He was trying to get inside one of the towers, then a guy with dual-blades came in a speedboat and jumped at him, slashing his face with his swords (the guy was dreesed in black and had a dark-red scarf). I saw a temple in his memories, it was near the river and hidden by the mountains. Yukari(from touhou) came up to me and told me to go there, she then teleported me there. Once i arrived there, it was white and had two entrances, to the left and to the right, the door was grey and has some sort of figure in it. I grabbed the carpet as a weapon... (don't ask me why). Then before i started walking a deep voice came from above and said "You can't save a princess, because you aren't from any royal blood lineage", then i felt a little bit sad. I walked towards the door on the left and it openned by itself, I then looked up and said "the door opened, does this mean something?", the the voice was like "Eehhh, I don't know, Uuhhh" sit went silent. I forgot to mention, I was wearing black and white clothes, they lookedd like those clothes that the bishop uses, it had three lines on each side, on the bottom, on the White side it was 3 Black lines, and the black side had 3 white lines. I then went inside, the place looked like it was in space, the floor was made of iron grid and it was floating. I started to go foward then the first enemy appeared, I was hoping that it's level was too high, but just it's name showed up. He was a white ball with blue feet and a mustache... I started beating it with the capert, since it wasnt dealing too much damage, I switched to my sword and killed it pretty fast, then a red orb of light appeared, I slashed throught it; Then some indians started to appear and i killed them. I finally came across an open field then i looked up and said "It's a horrible night for Walpurgis's night", I looked to my right and saw another indian casting some magic, I rushed to it and impaled him with my sword, then i heard a voice saying "You can never defeat me", then i said "but i just killed you", then i looked to my left and noticed that there was a giant Shaman floating in the space, then he started to chant some spell. I rushed to the edge of the platform, then I saw some symbol shinning on his face. I then picked a dark bow and shot twice in there, he looked a bit frustered by it, then a bald shaman in dark clothes showed up on his side, both of the started to dissolve, leaving only their skellefts left(dead), then far away in the space (inside that area) a fort showed up with both of them inside looking at me from the window. I then intended to shoot some arrows at them, but i suddenly had a pistolDesert Eagle) in my hand, I thenhit their head 3 times, but they didn't die. platforms started to show up from the fort forming a very distorted bridge. I tried to shoot at them again, but i suddenly had a machinegun(M4) this time, i landed some hits and thought "Why not shoot with a rocket launcher then...", then i had a rocket launcher in my hands. But i couldn't shoot, 'cause the bridge blocked me vision, I would have to cross it to get some good positioning, more indians started to show up in the bridge, before i started to walk the dream ended... -1 week later I had the continuation, but i can't remember too much of it.- I was exiting the temple with a purple crystal in hands that allowed me to stop time... (forgot) Then i was in the middle of a street with a tall building in the end,a girl with white t-shirt and dark hair was standing in front of me. She then summoned a golden armor behind her, the armor had human form and was pretty fast, i was stopping time to avoid it's attacks, then I shoot alot at them and thew alot of knives, I smirked and when to make time flow again, but it wasnt working, I got a bit scared of being stuck on it forever, then i started to mash the button of the golden clock that i had in my left arm. Then time started to flow again, but the girl disappeared and i was sent back in time... end.