So Close

Date: 8/15/2017

By OnlyHuman

So the first thing I remember is feeling victorious, as if I had won a great battle. I was standing in a cavern with cafeteria tables around. They were all empty. In the corner, I saw Bowser from Mario playing what I think was an arcade game. He seemed very angry. At this point, I gained lucidity. I walked up to him and whispered that I loved him. (IDK, I'm weird.) He whispered that he loved me as well. I went upstairs to find my room with Bowser waiting for me. Unfortunately, several other people had found out about the affair and were also in my room, waiting for me and Bowser to get it on. I talked to him for a bit to try and resolve the situation. Not long after I lost lucidity and I was teleported on top of a train. I jumped from the train on to a platform with an orange shipping crate full of Halloween stuff. I jumped of the platform to another train and rode it to a station in the middle of nowhere. As we approached, the train got wider. I was on top of the actual engine car hanging on to the pipe that usually has steam coming out. When we arrived, a lake appeared with a few boat docks. I jumped on to a dock and then I woke up.