Crush 😍

Date: 3/12/2017

By never_be_like_you

This happens when we were texting. But anyways, my dream goes like this: Micoh: Hey. Micoh: Can you ask Razen to fetch us outside? Thanks. Me: Ooops. Slr. Okay. :) And it goes like: 7:57 P.M Micoh: Hi again. Me: Hiiiii~ Micoh: What are you doin'? Me: Nothing much. How about you? Micoh: Nothing. It's so daaaaaamn boring. Me: Ikr? *sighs* Micoh: I.....need to tell you something. Me: Hmm? What is it? Micoh: You're cute. •///•;;; Me: O-oh. °^° •///• Micoh: Can we meet tomorrow? (We used to meet every Friday irl) Me: O-of course! Micoh: And..... can I hug you? Me: U-uhh. S-sure? Micoh: *smiles* Thanks. I mean, I know you just broke up and all but- Me: No. :) It's okay. :) Then I called Razen and told him about this.