"are cars sexual?"

Date: 6/8/2017

By loganxking

i don't quite remember this dream so well but here are the bits and pieces of it...i went outside after waking up and went to my backyard which was now a car junk yard. so i sat on a car down from my room window an after about 20 secs of sitting there, i heard someone at my window, not knowing i was below it. they kept opening and shutting it so i thought it was my sisters but i looked up and saw it was shaden (a class mate of mine). so i yell up at him "HARDER DADDY!" and he said "anything for you baby girl!" and slammed the window shut. i start laughing and go back up to talk to him. he said something like "are cars even sexual?" and i said "i don't know. maybe we should cars." or something weird like that. and then jenna (my girlfriend) came in and said "i hate cars, and i don't want you to have sex pretending to be cars." and i said "yes daddy mcqueen" and me and shaden started laughing and walking to the patio and looked out to the see the apocalypse had started and the city was falling down.