Food Business

Date: 3/25/2019

By CocoFuze

I was a man running a small restaurant with my brother, Malika. He and I, Malik were co-owners of the restaurant. There were 2 other staff that we had hired, man who a volital temper and a woman, named Shawna, who did the desserts. My brother and the man always argued about what they were doing during service. One day, the man got physical with my brother. That was the last straw. I fired the man and dragged him out of the restaurant and literally threw him out. He shattered when he hit the ground. The next day, I had a brief run down on how we were to work and run. We then started service and we worked well and coherently. I praised them all for there work, despite there being one less person working there. My brother and I then hired a new man, who was nice.