demonic dream

Date: 2/21/2017

By trinity_25

I had woken up and I walk out of my room to the hallway and in one of the other rooms I see the lights flickering and a ouija board moving on it's own. I go downstairs and when I get down there two demons come down too. They didn't look human at all and they sat down and made me talk to them. I was obliviously terrified but I knew if I ran it would not be good so I sat and listened. I don't remember what they said because this was a long time ago I just remember what happened. Then they go to the kitchen and I take that as my chance and I climb out my living room window. When I get out it didn't look like my yard on the side of my house. It was bright and sunny outside and the grass was very green and it looked like spring. Then before I go I look in and I see my older sister. She looked scared and I told her to come with me but she wouldn't move so I went in and got her quickly. We ran out of there and that's where it ended.