Weird plane dream

Date: 1/17/2017

By ajwarden01

I boarded a plane in Atlanta that was going to Buenos Aires. I boarded in the back of the plane (idk how) and made my way to the front where there was business class but my seat was in the back where I boarded. I overheard a man saying that it's been a year since the incident with this plane happened, apparently the wing malfunctioned and at that point I remembered that there was actually a real incident that happened to a 767 from delta that the wing caught on fire but that was more than a year ago. So I made my way back to my seat and all this time the plane was still at the gate. I noticed how dark the plane looked and the back end of the inside of this plane was big. By the time I noticed all of this, the plane was fully boarded but everybody was at the front of the plane and I felt a little weird because there wasn't anybody in the back where I was and the dream ended abruptly.