Date: 4/12/2019

By WolfGirl

I was at the house and I was a lycan. I had all my friends round the house but they were really my pack mates. We were in the garden with me and we were being threatened by another pack. I look up and see someone in my room so I run into the front room where Chris and mum are and say "there's an intruder in the house stay here and make as little noise as possible" to which Chris said "ok" in an impressed voice. I went into the spare room and got jays airsoft gun and a big torch. And went upstairs. The others followed me because I was alpha. I went up a few stairs and saw them, they were waiting for me. I growled at them and they growled back. I dropped the torch and gun and climbed the stairs slowly, growling. I reached the top of the stairs and they lunged at me so we grappled. I managed to get my hand free and claw down his face and body on the right side. I had won. I pulled them downstairs and they collapsed in pain and I laughed, acting as if nothing was wrong and the pack copied me. I laughed and assured mum it wasn't an intruder it was just a mate playing a prank and that they had to leave now so she wouldn't be scared. I then picked them up and dragged them outside the front of the house and threatened them. I slammed the door and went back to it.