famous singing friends

Date: 4/12/2017

By Tjika

5 friends of mine had become a famous group of singers and were performing in the ziggodome. The ziggodome was not very full, but there were quite some people. During the entire show I was quite jealous, because I wanted to be a famous singer as well. They mostly performed covers and let some friends perform too. After the break, which made it seem more like a movie, I walked to the front of the stage and talked to my friends. It made me feel more interesting, because I was friends with famous people. After some songs another guy I knew was allowed to sing a song and after that they asked me to sing something as well. I was really happy about that. The song was supposed to be vivo per lei, but when I got up the stage it was apparently another version which I did not know. Since this was my only chance at singing I decided to just go for it anyway. I guess it wasn't too bad, but the lyrics sounded awefull and I improvised a bit, so I wasn't that impressive after all. I was sort of dissapointed and I feel like I partly blamed my friends even though I didn't want to.