The friend.

Date: 2/6/2017

By GinaRibbons

So I often dream about a certain person, which I will post the dreams soon. But last night I dreamt of being at a house party in Hanley, it had hundreds of people there, and I seemed to have lost my friends, so I planned to go to the toilet and then walk hope but I felt sick and couldn't stop throwing up. Cause I was in the only bathroom, the cue started. So I had some girl running in needing the toilet and I'm still throwing up, and she stops still in front of me, despite of being the best friend and housemate of someone who I hurt. She still helped me and looked after me. She said she was going to walk me home after the party, this was 7am and the sky was golden, she said there's a major indie after party in town and I wanted to know so she took me, we had to run down into the underground but it looked like a old fashioned cinema. As we was running down the steps I see 3 girls running along with us behind a glass wall. I realised it was her! I stopped and her friend said it's okay 'I'm vouching for you tonight', 'she trusts me so I better trust you! Okay?' I was so nervous and when we met at the bottom of the stairs I could only look at the floor, she lifted my head and hugged me. She was okay with me! And then I woke up.