Living in Magic Kingdom. (long)

Date: 1/26/2017

By princessemillee

This was a very lucid dream with many more details than wrote, but I didn't want to remember it, so a few details became blurry. It wasn't like normal Magic Kingdom. Yes, the rides were there but there were living aspects to the park. Kind of like how toon town used to be, except my family was actually living inside of Disney World. In the first part I specifically remember being in the second floor of the restaurant that is above, "It's A Small World." It's a nastosgic place for me, as only 3 years ago I remember eating dinner with my first love, Dalton, while the fireworks were going off. I remember sitting up where the balcony was, overlooking Magic Kingdom, and feeling my Grandma brush through my hair. Being a hairdresser this made me anxious with all of the headlice cases being thrown around recently. I have had nightmares of having lice recently. I remember her pulling the long black comb through my hair and me examining it carefully to find a chunk of white powder sitting between the teeth. I remember being relieved that it was only severe dandruff and nothing else. As I sat up there with my grandma I heard a voice that I couldn't mistake. Dalton My stomach turned and I cringed, we ended on fine terms but I couldnt shake the feeling of never actually wanting to interact with him again. We both knew the relationship wasn't suppose to work out. I look down and there he is, with is golden wavy hair slightly shorter than it had always been. He was wearing a lime green shirt with denim jeans, following his family of 5. I had to get the hell out of there. I ran from my grandma who looked sad but turned around to finish conversation with my Mother. I remember running down the Main Street of The Magic Kingdom unaware if I wanted to run into him, or escape far away as possible. I found myself back in the "toon town" setting, walking into what I could only assume was a house that my parents were staying in. I walked in from the second floor, and over looked my family sitting at the long table below me, smiling seeing my Mother, Father, Grandma, and my boyfriend Chris at the dinner table. (Even though my Grandma was just brushing my hair in a completely different setting,) My smile quickly turned into a frown as I saw Dalton eating at the table with my family. I was confused, and his hairstyle was something of a high and tight bowl cut this time. I stomped downstairs and demanded to know why he was there. He responded by saying to eat dinner, which quickly lead to an argument between my current boyfriend and my ex boyfriend about who knew me better. (This is the first time I woke up. I have an ability to wake up for a split second, and fall back asleep into a similar dream.) As I fell back asleep I found myself in Frontier Land. The rides were not the same. If you have ever been to Holiday World in Indiana, you could kind of combine the rides with a Disney touch to them. That's about what this looked like. So Frontier Land, I remember being in line for a ride with my current long term boyfriend, Chris, and his best friend Nick, along with my best friend Hannah. Chris and Nick I remember being very secretive in line, and as the ride started they weren't anywhere to be found. Hannah and I found ourselves on a "river ride". The ones where you will sit in a raft and go down a crazy path full of water explosives. Chris and Nick would stand at the top of the ride wasting countless change trying to get the chance to soak us girls. Hannah of course became drenched from her flirty pal Nick, and Chris managed to miss me up until the end, where I was completely soaked. Dripping and Playful, I chased after him in the Park, trying to get my revenge with a "super soaker" that seemed to pop out of nowhere. Hannah and Nick followed close by, as I finally trapped my boyfriend into a corner, being along side at least a story foot down drop off. I put the super soaker down and clung on to him saying, "I'll push you off", obviously joking, but felt a certain rush when he wrapped his arms around me, and said "okay", kissing me with such force, causing us to fall off the ledge and essentially waking me up.