We died together

Date: 3/17/2017

By Sid

I can't remember much about the beginning of the dream but I do remember talking to my closet friends. Massive machines had landed on earth, converting humans into husks and turning them against us. They landed in many places of the UK, there was heavy conflict in the town nearby to us. We had decided that we would volunteer to fight in the town, we agreed that we would fight and die together. I remember the next day preparing and being stood with one of my closet friends, I remember looking down and saying to her, "we're going to die, aren't we?" I can't remember what happened next or where my friends went but I remember hearing that there were husks in my village. I was with two other volunteers that I didn't know and defending our house before deciding that we would try clearing the village. My mistake, some of the husks were more alive, some used snipers, shooting of my team dead. I watched him bleed to death, and I ran, we couldn't hit them. I can't remember what happened next but I remember being just outside the town where the military were taking volunteers to fight. I still didn't know where my friends where and I worried, worried beyond grief at the thought that they would be dead when I found them and breaking my promise. I was put into a makeshift battalion run by Russian military operatives(no idea what the Russian military was doing in the UK or any other militaries, there were other foreign forces) I was given gear and a AK, and finally sent into the town. The next thing I remember was fighting in the town and it was intense, it's still difficult to remember what actually happened, I just remember gunning down husks. I couldn't remember whether I found my friends in the town, but I remember not being as worried so maybe I did and they were close. We were defending a multi story car park, I was outside and I think they were inside. I woke up straight after