friday night dream

Date: 3/27/2019

By mydreamsdefineme

I was in the courtyard at gate way painting something (i dont know what it was) and I looked up to the sky and saw that some clouds made a face and I laughed and told my friend and she's like "oh my gosh it does". I pulled out my phone to take a picture and I zoomed in and the clouds looked like a painting of the Virgin Mary. I saw some weird symbols next to the face and I took a picture and asked my friend to translate it. She said the symbols meant "hail the god". (I don't know what symbols/language this was). Then I was telling my classmates all about the cloud and they all said "wow, it does look like a face!" . After the day (it skipped to home) I was sleeping and I had a dream with the cloud face and everyone was chanting "hail the god! Hail the god!" I woke up from my dream and went outside and screamed "ITS THERE, ITS RIGHT ABOVE US CANT YOU SEE IT!!!" My family walked out and said "ITS NOT THERE, ITS NOT REAL!" I started to scream back "ITS REAL, RIGHT THERE!" I pointed to the sky. Now the whole neighborhood was outside look up and calling me crazy. My family starting yelling at me "ITS YOUR DEPRESSION, ITS NOT REAL, ITS YOUR DEPRESSION!" I just sat in the road and cried because I didn't have depression and I saw a face and symbols in the cloud. My family dragged me inside and started yelling at me that I wasn't real, and my depression was making me hallucinate. But I remember knowing it was real. I woke up from my sleep and walked to the kitchen taking to myself saying "it was real, I'm not crazy!" My mom heard me and yelled "IT WASNT REAL ALYSSA, YOUR DEPRESSION MAKE YOU HALLUCINATE!" Then I woke up