Date: 8/17/2019

By Friesandnuggets

Rhett from Good Mythical Morning on YouTube asked me to babysit his kids and some other people’s kids at a party. This was fine anyway but I had already been invited to the party and said yes (he asked me the morning of the party) so I was a bit confused about what I should do. I said it was fine and for some reason he wouldn’t leave me all day. He insisted I sat at the front in his car as he ran errands all day. I don’t know if he didn’t trust me or was just lonely but it was fine with me. He went to a shop and while he was there I whipped out my phone, went on Snapchat and messaged S, B and N. I sent them all the same message: “Guess who’s in Rhett’s car BITCH (N). Then we went to LunchMoney Lewis’ apartment. He made me go in with him this time (I used to stay in the car while he did what he needed to do). I went in, met LunchMoney and started talking. Rhett was stood talking to him with me and I was really confused about what we were doing there. LunchMoney then makes a joke about his song ‘Bills’. He jokes that he was going to make a song like normal rappers, bragging about money and his big house but his child (he told us nobody knew about) heard a demo, and when one of the lyrics was talking about his big house, said “You live on the first floor!” I then realised I wasn’t in a house and looked out to see we were in an apartment (I don’t know how I didn’t realise). He told us someone famous lived on the corner and then we left. Rhett said he needed to go somewhere else so I sat at the front. Suddenly every time we turned a corner my stomach hurt so bad and felt like there was loads of pressure on it. The first few times it happened I made a noise and looked like I was in pain but I soon learned to just hold my stomach. He asked if I was ok and when I told him what was happening and just gave me a look. He took me back to his house where I met his kids. He told me not to worry about the older one because he won’t be at the party but focus on the younger ones. I introduce myself and they take a while to warm up to me. —— Cut to the party. It’s in a big room. There’s tables and chairs on one side, a big stage in the centre and a bar along the other side. Rhett soon points me to the children I was babysitting. Fortunately, they were all sat together and it was very easy to manage them at the start. They were playing with toy cars and I joined in. We got on well and they were well-behaved. Then I see my family have arrived and are hanging out by the stage area. The party seemed to go on forever and it got dark very quickly.