Back at school

Date: 7/1/2017

By Will415

I was in school but I wasn't. I had my uniform, I saw my teachers , and I saw my friends. But instead I was still in the 7th grade, all the 8th graders. That made me happy because I don't want them to leave. But I was walking up this big hill I guess. On my walk I saw my friends, teachers, and 8th graders. I was like ,"what's going on?". It was all crowed and it felt like some parade or something. When I got to the top there was a bakery and a store. And in real life, I always keep 5$ for food after school. And what I loved about this pet the most , that IRL I would always go after school to a bakery or store. I got one bread. Then I was on a bus and saw more people I loved. Then I saw one of my closest friend, one I knew since 1st grade. When I got off she followed but didn't get off. We just looked at each other . I then said bye. She said it back and the door closed. I kinda wanted to hug her but I couldn't . I smiled and walked to the store. I was looking for my usual(Hot Cheetos, Dr Pepper, and candy). I couldn't find anything that I wanted . I just went out and saw my mom picking me up I guess. I looked at everything: friends,8th graders, and teachers. I whispered to myself,"It'll be okay" I got in the car and I woke up. I think I had his dream because IRL I hate growing up and I don't wanna be an 8th grader because I don't wanna leave my friends. Then I had a hard time dealing that the 8th graders left. The part where I saw everything and said it was going to be okay , I knew that was myself telling me that don't worry.THE END‼️